The Front Lake

Stonebridge HOA – North Potomac, Maryland

The Stonebridge Homeowners Association, Inc. oversees the Stonebridge subdivision located in North Potomac, Maryland. The community comprises close to 800 homes, a swimming pool, tennis courts, recreation fields, ClubRoom, two playgrounds and two lakes. The community is home to the award-winning Stonebridge Sharks Swim Team, which is part of the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL). The community is managed by Abaris Realty Inc.

Snapping Turtle by Edie Caro

Green Monster by Edie Caro


Photo by Schuman

Eastern slider turtles enjoy each other’s company by Edie Caro

Our neighborhood’s great blue heron enjoys a hearty lunch; Edie Caro

Preening time for a Canada goose; Edie Caro

Ninja Squirrel; Edie Caro

A robin enthusiastically cools off; Edie Caro

Big ol’ snapping turtle and his reflection; Edie Caro

An amberwing dragonfly narrowly escapes being devoured by an eastern slider turtle; Edie Caro

The last of the cicadas is on the menu for this female blackbird; Edie Caro

Family meeting; Edie Caro

Taking the kids for a swim; Edie Caro

I’m so pretty!; Edie Caro

Adult swim is over!; Edie Caro