The Front Lake

This is a reminder that following the HOA house rules and Montgomery County laws, all residents are reminded to place household garbage in sealed trash bags which must then be placed in a rigid trash container with a lid.
Each resident must provide his/her own trash containers. Pursuant to Montgomery County statues, all containers for the storage of trash or garbage must be rigid metal or plastic containers having tight-fitting, overlapping lids with a maximum capacity of 15 to 45 gallons. Disposable plastic liners, if used, must be made of heavy, waterproof paper or plastic, and must not exceed 45 gallons in capacity. Such container liner must be kept in approved containers as stated above when storing trash between collections.
The trash container must be placed outdoors for collection on the morning of scheduled collection days which are Tuesdays and Fridays. Under no circumstances should bags of trash be placed outdoors for collection.
Please note residents who violate these County laws are subject to County inspection and being issued civil citations that carry fines of up to $500.
The community’s trash service provider, J & J Trash Service, provides free individual bulk trash pick-up to all community residents. Individual resident bulk trash must be scheduled in advance. Bulk trash does not include yard waste, or any items Montgomery County will recycle. J & J Trash Service can be reached at 301-898-2109 or 800-465-2350.
Trash Pick-Up is Tuesday and Friday; Recycle by Montgomery County on Wednesdays

Sign up for the Potomac Garden Center (PGC) discount program and you will be emailed special discount coupons. Click/touch the “Sign up now” tab under the discount program and fill in the information. The discounts and coupons will vary throughout the year. Once you receive the coupons via email, you simply click redeem and it will be added to your account in the PGC system. There is no need to print anything out.

You may be asked to show your ID to verify your Stonebridge address. Coupons are being emailed monthly at this time and offers will be sent at various other times of the year.

Another option is the HOA Membership Program (PGC Delivery (+). This option has a $99 membership fee and gives Stonebridge residents a 20% discount all year long (some exclusions apply) plus free delivery for the entire year. This is a great plan for residents who do a lot of gardening or landscaping.