The Front Lake


2022 Pool Season

All Stonebridge Homeowners Association (HOA) Owners, Renters and their guests, and all Non-Resident Pool Members and their guests, [Members] must abide by these Rules and Regulations. The employees of the pool management company RSV Pools, Inc. [RSV] chosen by the Board of Directors [BOD] to manage the pool are authorized to enforce these rules and take appropriate action against violators, including barring violators from the pool area. The BOD further reserves the right to revoke the membership of any HOA or Outside Pool Member or Renter [Members] who fails to comply with these rules.

The Rules and Regulations are intended to ensure safe and sanitary operation of the pool and its facilities. It is believed member’s cooperation in abiding by these rules will afford pleasant relaxation and recreation of all.

Parents are to instruct their children to observe the Rules and Regulations and to obey the instructions of the Lifeguards and other employees of the pool management company.

Guest Passes and Lap Lanes Reservations


  1. Alcoholic beverages or intoxicants are not permitted anywhere within the Stonebridge HOA pool property. No Glass containers of any kind are allowed within the enclosed pool area
  2. Children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult of sixteen (16) years or older at all times when on the pool property or using the Pool. The maximum number of children per adult will be six (6)
  3. Children 6 years of age or older must change in the appropriate locker room with adult supervision or see the Pool Manager for special arrangements
  4. All persons using radios and sound devices must wear earphones so that their radios and sound devices do not disturb others. Any such devices must be kept at least 8 feet from the edge of pools
  5. No pets except as may be required by applicable law are permitted anywhere within the Stonebridge HOA pool property
  6. At the discretion of the lifeguard staff, any person may be required to complete a water safety test to use the pool unassisted
  7. Spitting, spouting of water or discharging bodily wastes is strictly prohibited
  8. Throwing balls (basketballs, footballs, tennis balls), frisbees, or any other hard objects is prohibited unless as approved in a specified area by Pool Management
  9. Any personal objects, toys, implements, devices or materials brought to the pool that the lifeguard deems potentially dangerous or unsafe shall not be permitted in the pool areas
  10. Running, punching, rough playing or any personal conduct deemed by the lifeguard to be endangering the safety of any person is prohibited in the pools or on the surrounding deck areas
  11. Use of abusive or profane language or other improper conduct at the Stonebridge HOA pool is prohibited
  12. All persons using the pool must shower before entering the pool
  13. All persons shall obey the instruction of the lifeguards and all RSV staff. The lifeguards on duty have absolute authority in the pool and deck areas. Lifeguards are authorized to close the pool for any reason deemed necessary, including electrical storms, equipment failure, pool chemical problems, inclement weather and any potential health or safety issue or condition
  14. Eating is only permitted in the designated eating areas (i.e. deck area, picnic tables)
  15. In accordance with Montgomery County Department of Health Code, children who are not toilet trained must wear snug-fitting rubber pants with tight fitting waist and legs over any kinds of diaper or swim-diapers under their swimsuits and any changing of diapers shall be performed in the locker room or bathrooms
  16. Use of US Coast Guard approved flotation devices for young children, such as swim vests, may be used only with supervising adult within arms’ length of the child and at the sole discretion of the lifeguards on duty. Other flotation devices may be allowed in the pools at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty and so long as not disruptive to other pool users
  17. Notwithstanding the specific rules provided herein, the lifeguard shall have full discretion to address and/or prohibit any other conduct or omissions by a Member or Guest deemed to be unsafe, endangering the safety of any person or improper for the operation of the facilities


  1. Your 2022 Stonebridge FOB must be swiped/presented to the lifeguard staff whenever a Member enters the pool premises. No one will be admitted to the pool premises if he or she does not present his/her FOB
    1. (A key fob is a small security hardware device with built-in photo authentication used to control and secure access to doors and network services)
  2. All persons over the age of five (5) on May 1, 2022 will have an identifiable photo in the computer system so the lifeguard staff can verify admission to the pool area
  3. Members that are not current in the payment of the applicable fees and/or who have any outstanding architectural or maintenance violations will be denied access to the Pool and Tennis court areas
    1. If an Owner is not current (see above), then their RENTERS will be denied access to the pool
  4. Any member seeking admission to the pool without his or her FOB may be admitted only as a guest of another member and only upon presentation of the Guest FOB registered to the Member’s household for validation. (See paragraph II on the Guest Pass FOB)
    1. Members who are leaving the pool facility for only a few minutes (e.g. to visit with ice cream vendor) need to take their FOB to return to the pool
    2. If using a Guest Pass FOB, inform the lifeguard at the gate. You do not need to utilize a pass to re-enter the same day
  5. Pool users are solely responsible for their personal property while on pool grounds
  6. Members who are abusive towards other members, guests, or pool management company personnel or who disregard the direction of pool management personnel will have their pool privileges revoked. (See Rule # 11 and 13)
  7. There is NO SMOKING allowed anywhere within the pool fence area
  8. Only infant seats, strollers and wheel chairs are permitted in the pool area. Strollers are not permitted within ten (10) feet of the pool. Playpens, portable cribs and similar equipment are prohibited
  9. Under normal circumstances, there will be a ten (10) minute “Break” once each hour during normal pool hours.
    1. This period will occur for the last ten (10) minutes of each hour
    2. During this break, no children under the age of sixteen (16) are permitted in the pool waters
  10. The pool may be closed to HOA and Outside members for Swim Team meets and other special events
  11. Lap lanes designated by the Pool Manager are restricted for that purpose
  12. Parents are asked to limit the number of lounges and chairs used by their children. Saving chairs, lounges and/or umbrellas for anticipated members or guest during one’s extended absence from the pool is prohibited
  13. Personal, commercial and political advertising or solicitation within the pool’s premises is prohibited
  14. Diving Area:
    1. Use of the diving area is restricted to those who have demonstrated adequate swimming skill to the Pool Manager
    2. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time
  • Do not dive until the previous diver has reached the ladder
  1. Dive straight out from the board. Upon surfacing, immediately swim to the nearest ladder and leave the diving area
  2. Only one bounce from the board is allowed
  3. Special activities in the diving area are at the discretion of the Pool Manager
  1. Hot Tub:
    1. Only persons sixteen (16) years of age and older [on May 1, 2022] may use the hot tub
    2. Usage is limited to no more than fifteen (15) minutes at a time
  • All other rules posted in the hot tub area must be complied with
  1. One (1) GUEST PASS FOB/Card is provided free of charge to all registered HOA and Outside Pool members for ten (10) guests [persons]. Additional Guest Passes are available for purchase at $3.00 per person. Minimum purchase is $30.00 as one Card is for ten guests
    1. A HOA or Outside Pool member must be present with anyone wishing to use a Guest Pass
    2. All persons over the age of five (5) [on May 1, 2022] will be deducted from the Guest Pass. The Pass is valid for one day only (to include in & out privileges)
  • All guests must follow all Pool Rules and Regulations as if they were members
  1. Pool Parties:
    1. For a party of 10 or more, at least one day’s notice must be given with a request for reservation so the proper number of guards are on duty
    2. Contact the Pool staff and provide the following information to the Pool Manager:
  • Your name, contact phone number and e-mail address
  1. Date, time and duration you desire for the party
  2. Total number of participants (members and guests)
  3. The Pool manager will call you back to confirm
  • Please note for non-members they will need to purchase Guest FOBs in advance from the management company (Abaris)
  • 25 Members and Guests are permitted with no additional charges. For a greater number of total guests, you will need to pay for extra staffing at an hourly cost of $25/hour; but the exact amount will be confirmed by the Pool Manager after the reservation is accepted. Payment will be managed by the management company (Abaris)
  1. In consideration for being permitted use of Stonebridge Homeowners Association Pool and for being allowed to participate in pool programs, the undersigned adults agree on behalf of themselves and any minors under their supervision:
    1. We are residents (I am a resident) of Stonebridge Homeowners Association and certify that the information listed is accurate.
    2. To make use of the pool with full knowledge that such use could result in potential injury or personal property damage
  • To assume all risks and responsibilities associated with any injuries or personal property damage suffered while at the pool.
  1. To fully and completely release Stonebridge Homeowners Association, its employees, agents and volunteers from all claims, liabilities or actions for any injuries to me, injuries to minors in my care and/or loss or damage to my personal property or the personal property of any such minors arising from our admission or participation in any activities and programs at the pool
  2. To indemnify and hold harmless Stonebridge Homeowners Association, its departments, employees, agents and volunteers for personal injury or property damage to other parties caused by the intentional or reckless acts committed by the undersigned adults and/or minors named below while using the pool or participating in pool programs.
  3. That I am solely responsible for furnishing medical or other insurance to cover any expenses related to any such personal injuries or property damage.
  • That I have reviewed the rules & regulations and agree to comply with them.
  • That RSV staff have the right to enforce rules of conduct and may remove guests from the premises for failure to comply with these rules. Guests are not entitled to receive a refund after such removal.
  1. To provide, if requested, a certified birth certificate or other approved proof of age.
  2. Adults (18 and older) covered by this waiver
  3. I/We consent to have a photo ID entered in the Stonebridge Pool system to solely confirm my/our identity