The Front Lake

Stonebridge Sharks Swim Team

Looking for something fun to do this summer? How about joining the Stonebridge Sharks Swim Team! Our team offers kids of all ages an opportunity to develop key skills, meet new peers in their community, and have an amazing time this summer. We provide fun at all levels (competitive, recreational, or just learning how to swim a lap).
• 2019 MCSL Division B – One of the highest ranked summer swim teams in Montgomery County!
• Exceptional Pre-Team program, providing instruction for kids who are looking to learn how to swim a lap.
• Fun team spirit events every Friday evening!!!
Come and join us. It’ll be a summer to remember! For more information, feel free to email us at sbsharks1@gmail.com. Check out our website at stonebridgesharks.com

There are TWO steps needed for 2021. First is HOA validation/registration and Payment if a Non-Resident and the 2nd is for the Sharks Swim Team

HOA Membership is included for all Stonebridge Residents but Non-Residents must buy an annual HOA membership. Full Non-Resident membership includes pool and tennis is $600.
The Swim Team only Non-Resident annual HOA fee is $400 for your child to participate with the Sharks swim team.
* Up to two (2) Shark Swim Team Members of the same family living at the same address
* There is NO pool admittance unless with the swim team members at events
* No family pool membership
* The Sharks Swim Team member(s) will not receive a FOB and there is no option to make a pool reservation
* You may convert your Partial Non-Resident membership to full status (for the entire family) anytime before May 15th. There will be no pro-rata adjustment available after May 15th

The Sharks Swim Team will charge a SwimTeam membership fee of $120. Swim Team Swimmers (not Pre-Team) who register and make payment by the deadline (TBD) will receive a free 2021 SB Sharks Swim Team T-Shirt. All Pre-Team swimmers will receive a free training snorkel that we will use as an aid during lessons.

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