The Front Lake

Members of the Board of Directors met with our Montgomery County Department of Highways liaison to understand and review the scope of work for the repair to county streets in Stonebridge. Stonebridge repairs will be broken into two (2) phases. 1st phase starting approximately the end of May and to take approx. 2 months. Phase 2 starts immediately thereafter (@1August).
(Note: The County is also doing adjacent repairs (i.e., non-Stonebridge HOA streets)
Phase One: May-July
Platinum Drive, Outpost Drive, Secluded Lane, Masterpiece Lane, Night Hawk Way, Outpost Way.
(Note: This phase is where the county is to do repairs to non-Stonebridge HOA streets but adjacent.)
Phase Two: July – September
Stonebridge View Drive, Rolling Green Way, Botany Way, Botany Court, Butterfly Court, Tuckahoe Way, Tuckahoe Court, Drum Hill Court, Country Creek Lane, Country Creek Court, Pebblewood Drive, Pebblewood Place, Snapdragon Circle, Snapdragon Court, Snapdragon Place, White Tree Place, Quietwood Drive, Quietwood Terrace, Sylvan Glade Drive
The process:
Within the next few weeks the county’s survey staff will be walking each street and marking repair areas on the roads for their construction crews. This will determine the amount of roadway that will be removed (milled) and then resurfaced. The machines cut a 6-foot-wide section at a time, so there will not be small patches. However, if there are substantial areas that are not damaged, those areas will not be repaired. We were not able to obtain any further details until after the crews do the markings.
The county has drilled for core samples to determine the under lying condition of the road bed and the majority of our streets is sound – no issues.