The Front Lake

Q: Birthday Parties at the Pool:
A: The pool rules define the procedure for making a party reservation. These are handled by the Pool guard staff. Please ask for the manager, Shelby.
Pool Parties:
1. For a party of 10 or more, at least one day’s notice must be given with a request for reservation so the proper number of guards are on duty
2. Contact the Pool staff and provide the following information to the Pool Manager:
* Your name, contact phone number and e-mail address
* Date, time and duration you desire for the party
* Total number of participants (members and guests)
3. The Pool manager will call/email you back to confirm
* A total of 25 Members and Guests are permitted with no additional life guard charges. For a greater number of total guests, you will need to pay for extra life guard staffing at an hourly cost of $25/hour; but the exact amount will be confirmed by the Pool Manager after the reservation is accepted. Payment will be managed by the management company (Abaris)

Please note if bringing more than your immediate family a guest pass will be required. Log into your account and create a guest pass for each attendee who is not a Stonebridge or Non-Resident member.
4. You may bring food into the pool area, but you must eat on the back picnic tables and clean away all trash. Paper and plastic only – no glass
5. The guard staff will reserve lounge chairs near the back of the pool depending on your party size. This will be confirmed by the pool manager upon finalization of your event.

Q: Here is how the system works:
A: FOBs are validated from your secure account portal – this process has its own “Invitation to Join” system generated e-mail where you click/tap the Join button to sign-up/register. We can’t do that for you as it encrypts your login info on your device. If you need a new invitation Click/tap here to request another be sent

Q: I don’t see option where I can verify my fobs?
A: Visit the pool clubhouse area and swipe your FOB on the gate to the upstairs restrooms or the Tennis Courts (Operating hours 6am-9pm). If it opens – your FOB is active. If it flashes red then there is an issue. Click/tap here for the Pool administrator to investigate – can take up to 2 business days.

Q: How many FOBs can I have?
A: A maximum of 8 FOBs is permitted for one Stonebridge or Non-Resident address. All members requesting a FOB must reside at the address. Proof of Residency may be asked. If you have more than 8 family members please contact the Pool Administrator to make arrangements.

Q: How do I get a guest pass?
A: We are using the Pool Reservation system which creates a day pass.
1. Log into your account – https://stonebridgemc.net
2. Select the GUEST PASS option; Your available to use guest pass balance is displayed
3. Complete your guest information and the date for their visit; Remember you must accompany them during their visit
4. Print the guest pass or remember the Reservation number to retrieve on your phone
5. Present to the Lifeguards along with your FOB(s) upon entry

Note: The pass is available for the entire day

Guests of the member reserving will be permitted up to the total permitted for that member. As an example:
a. If a Member is attending with 2 persons they can bring 6 guests
b. If a Member is attending with 4 persons they can bring 4 guests
c. Maximum total is 8 persons and the Member must accompany their guests
Each Owner receives 10 Complimentary passes per season. More are available for purchase in batches of 10 = $30

Q: What is a FOB – how do I get one? CLICK/TAP here
A: FOBs are used to access the pool, tennis and Club Room areas. One is needed for each person 5 years and older as of May 1, 2022. They are available free of charge for all new eligible Residents to Stonebridge.
Replacements are $10 each and available from the management company’s Pool Administrator