The Front Lake

Q1: Are my dues increasing for next year?
A: Yes, 2021 Budget is now available for viewing. Please log into your secure portal and navigate to DOCUMENTS-INTERNAL-FINANCIALS-2021 HOA BUDGET

Click/tap the blue button located at the top right of the main page.  It looks like this:

Q2: When are the leaves going to be picked up?
A: Potomac Garden Center (PGC) will collect leaves from the roadside CURB on starting Nov 23/34: Monday & Tuesday for single family owners. If there is bad weather, the times are backed up one day. Collection and removal of leaves in the townhome section will occur multiple times throughout the fall. Remember to rake your leaves to the curb; PGC will not collect from your property.

Q3: I am a tenant renting from a Stonebridge Owner. What HOA benefits do I have?
A: When your Owner establishes their Stonebridge address as a rental, then all their HOA benefits transfer to you.
You will need to sign-up for pool & tennis access as a new Resident and you will receive up to 8 access FOBs for your family members living at your Stonebridge address. The initial distribution of these FOBs is complimentary; but your Owner must authorize you as a tenant.

Q4: How do I get a resale packet or information for refinancing?
A: Please visit this page for the appropriate links. CLICK/Tap here

For a current HOA statement for refinance please contact the accounting department. Charlene Jacobs at cjacobs@abarisrealty.com

Q5: As a TownHome Owner, why do I have to pay extra in May?
A: In addition of the regular fee [Annual dues] for all Owners (Landscaping, Lake/pond management, Pool & Tennis, Clubhouse and Club Room, Playgrounds, Trash pick-up 2x/week, Dog Stations weekly service) you have certain TownHome only expenses included in your dues: Road management & paving; Parking lot striping; Electrical for street lighting, trash pickup, grass cutting within fenced in areas as appropriate. We attempt with the annual budget to have no “extra” fees and we are monitoring all expenses monthly.