The Front Lake

Q1: I need the “Invitation to Join” e-mail for my secure PORTAL. I didn’t get it.
A: Please click/touch HERE to receive another system generated e-mail
This is the login link: https://stonebridgemc.frontsteps.com/

Q2: I get a 404, 505 error or Authorization Failed when I try to login to the secure portal.
A: The login process is managed by a company called FrontSteps and the process is encrypted. Abaris does not have the capability to manually establish your access. These errors are normally associated with your browser. Please clear previous login attempts by clearing the browser cache. Here are links on how to do this:
Instructions to clear the browser cache
Clear cache on Mobile Devices
Once your browser is cleared, close and open again and go to this LOG-IN LINK

Q3: I received my Invitation to Join the secure portal e-mail but it says it has expired.
A: We will need to reissue another. If you attempted to login and it didn’t work, first clear your browser cache (above instructions) and try again to login. If you still receive the expired notice, then click/tap here to request another

Q4: How do I change my e-mail address?
A: System limitations only allow for one e-mail address per individual. To modify your existing e-mail address, login to the Secure Portal which will open in a new window. Click your NAME in the top bar and then EDIT PROFILE (Green Button). Click LOGIN CREDENTIALS and EDIT password or save a new email address. Follow the on-screen instructions

Q5: How do I change my secure profile password?
A: You have to initially sign-in by clicking on the Invitation to Join e-mail sent to your registered e-mail address utilizing that login process.
1. Then click your NAME on the top right portion of the screen
3. Scroll down to EDIT PASSWORD and click/tap the REQUEST RESET PASSWORD EMAIL
4. Check your email and click/tap the orange CONFIRM button
5. Enter in a new password of your choice – it is encrypted so it is not available to anyone.
6. Record your revised password in an area of your choice

Q6: I can’t login to the portal to change my password?
A: CLICK/TAP this link. LOGIN at top right, then change password:

Q7: How do I view my secure Portal on a mobile device?
A: The FrontSteps app does not work – do not download from the Apple or Google store.
1. Open you favorite browser and goto app.frontsteps.com
2. Login with your registered email address and password
3. Save the link as a favorite

Q8: e-Mails from the website goto the spam trap.
A: Some e-mail programs and browsers are limiting access. Add this address to your address book or safe list.

Q9: Anti-Malware blocks website access.
A: Some anti-Malware (specifically MalwareBytes) are limiting access. Add the website address [https://stonebridgemc.org] to your SAFE (white) LIST within your anti-virus program. Click/Tap this link for MalwareByte instructions