The Front Lake

Q: FrontSteps email notifications end up in my spam or junk mail folder?
A: Some email programs will block companies when one sender has too many customers. The solution is to add the company name to your safe or whitelist.
Add donotreply@frontsteps.com

Q: How do I communicate with Abaris?
A: Our management company, Abaris has an “on-call” System for managing the volume of emails generated by our community of 779 homes. They use a team approach since it is not possible for one single person to manage the volume and there are different staff members in the various departments to answer different types of questions.

You may get a response from Shireen herself or any member of her team since her email is constantly monitored by her team, namely Henry. Shireen has 5 full time assistants to handle our physical property management needs and Abaris has an entire accounting department that is equipped handle all of our financial needs and homeowner billing administration. Kaity is the responsible for Pool Management.

You should consider any response you receive as being from Abaris and not a specific person. The Board is quite pleased with the level of responsiveness we are receiving from the Abaris team and we appreciate your feedback.

Q: I am not getting e-mails from Stonebridge, how do I check my account?
A: Send an e-mail to webmaster@stonebridgemc.org with your Stonebridge address and the email address you believe is on file. We will check the account records and reply to you with the next steps.

Q: Can we catch the fish in the lake?
A: No fishing is permitted. The quality of the fish that live in the lake can not be confirmed as safe to eat.

Q: When are the county roads in Stonebridge getting paved?
A: Although not scheduled for 2021 we will show up on this list when approved. Montgomery County updates here: