The Front Lake

For your information, here is how the review process works for submitting a request to the Architectural and Environmental Review Committee [AERC]:

  1. Establish your work order tracking number with a summary of the proposed modification by logging into your secure Portal:

    Click/tap the blue button located at the top right of the main page.  It looks like this:
    then clicking the Submit Work Orders link underneath QUICK ACTIONS. Remember this Work Order tracking number – you need it for Step # 2
  2. Complete the AERC submission form for the Architectural and Environmental Review Committee to review. Download this form from your DOCUMENTS folder in your secure portal or at the bottom of this page.
  3. Submit the completed form and add attachments as appropriate to your request. Pictures of the affected area along with any sketches, diagrams, drawings etc so the AERC understands the scope of the project and the potential impact to your neighbors or the community as a whole. The upload link is at the bottom left – ADD ATTACHMENTS
  4. If you have not submitted your neighbors signatures who are most affected by your proposed modification in Step # 3, update your work order now
  5. The AERC will discuss your project and grant you a GO or NO-GO approval
  6. If any more documentation is needed it would be requested at this phase in the review process
  7. Final approval would be granted and you are good to go with your project. Remember to send in photo(s) of your completed project so we can close your work order request

The review and approval process is normally completed within 1 week, unless the request is such that it will need the full approval of the Board of Directors. If this is the case, then your request will be discussed at the next scheduled Board meeting where you are welcome to attend.

We know this can be a time consuming process and we thank you in advance for your understanding. The AERC (which is comprised of Directors for the Stonebridge Homeowner’s Association) will expedite your request as soon as possible.

Click/touch HERE to download the AERC application form – but it must be submitted on-line as indicated above

FENCES and DECK need a building permit from Montgomery County which is independent from the AERC
DECKS = https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/DPS/Process/rci/residential-decks.html
FENCES = https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/DPS/Process/rci/residential-fence.html
All Others: = https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/dps/about.html – click PERMITS