The Front Lake

The Stonebridge tennis courts are open from 6am – 9pm daily and the gates activated with your FOB. Montgomery County Covid-19 pandemic rules are in place (“safe distancing practice”) and it is your responsibility to abide with these County rules. Video surveillance is in effect.

Sign-up sheets are posted and please reserve your court time per the existing TENNIS COURT RULES.

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Stonebridge MATA Tennis

Stonebridge HOA has contracted with the Mid Atlantic Tennis Academy (MATA) to provide Tennis lessons for our Members. There are no surcharges for Stonebridge Residents and Stonebridge Members can bring a maximum of TWO guests to join the MATA program but these two guests are still subject to a 15% surcharge

Any tennis player who is registering for MATA’s program at Stonebridge who is NOT a Stonebridge member can register for an additional fee of 15% of the MATA tennis program cost.

Once registered and paid – then a temporary MATA Membership [Mata Member] will be established for this individual.  Access to the courts is only granted for attendance at a specific MATA class with their Instructor.  Mata Members will NOT receive an access FOB, an Instructor must grant them access.

Play on the courts (without a MATA instructor) is prohibited.  This additional fee of 15% ONLY gives the MATA Members entrance into the individual MATA program they have signed up for and DOES NOT EVER give them access to Stonebridge courts otherwise.

NOTE:  No MATA Members may take a Stonebridge member’s spot in any class, under any circumstance. If a Stonebridge member wants a spot in any MATA class that is occupied by a MATA Member, then the MATA Member gets bumped and the Stonebridge member gets the spot.

The priority list is as follows:

  1. Stonebridge member in Good Standing  (Resident [Owner, Tenant], Outside, Tennis)
  2. MATA Member with a Stonebridge member
  3. MATA Member only paying the MATA Member class price

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For Residents who are playing in the above programs, some courts are reserved in advance. All others are available to book via the sign-up sheets, but ONLY 24 Hours in advance please

Court 1 – always open unless there is demand from members playing MATA programs.
Court 2 – Reserved Thursday & Friday 4pm – 6pm; Saturday 10am-12noon
Court 3 – Reserved Monday & Tuesday 3pm-6pm; Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 4pm-6pm; Saturday 10am-12noon
Court 4 – Reserved Wednesday 4pm-7pm; Thursday & Friday 4pm-6pm; Saturday 10am-12noon