The Front Lake


Updated September 24, 2020

The Stonebridge Pool is open in compliance with Montgomery County Phase 2 restrictions imposed by Montgomery County due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. You must wear a face covering to enter the pool area in accordance with Montgomery County restrictions
  2. The maximum capacity for the total pool area (inside the gates) is limited to 100 Residents at any one time
  3. The main pool and diving board are open but the jacuzzi spa and kiddie pool are closed in accordance with Montgomery County restrictions
  4. A reservation system is being utilized with the following rules & restrictions:
    * You may make only ONE (1) advance reservation per daily time session. Once per day. Reserving multiple visits in a single day is not permitted
    * Lap Lane reservations are available as part of the reservation process
    * Same day reservations are permitted as long as there is space available. Once per day (see above)
    * Pool admission is ONLY with a reservation and an active FOB. Your Stonebridge account must be in good standing. No reservation – no entry as your reservation is your Covid-19 waiver
    * The system will display 4 future days for reservations and the 4th day will be effective at random times throughout the 24 hr period
    * Once a time session reaches 100, that reservation session will be closed out
    * It is the intent of the Reservation system to allow all Residents a fair chance to utilize the pool area
  5. No Guests are permitted
  6. Non-Resident (Outside) Membership is capped at 50 for this season
  7. All time sessions are 2 hours and we ask you vacate the pool area promptly at the end of your reserved period as the pool staff spray sanitizer on all surfaces
  8. After every two hour session there is a 30 minute transition period for cleaning
  9. Time periods for sessions are listed on the reservations page
  10. You must present your pool FOB at the guard station upon entry and it must be active (account in good standing) for you to enter. Each Resident 5 yrs and older must have a FOB
  11. Regular pool rules are in effect Click/tap here to view POOL RULES
  12. No food is permitted. Water bottles are allowed
  13. Residents will not be permitted to move chairs/lounges/tables/umbrellas – they are spaced in accordance to Montgomery County restrictions
  14. You may not bring in your own chair/furniture
  15. To utilize this reservation system and pool you must agree to a COVID-19 pandemic waiver for yourself and all accompanying persons Click/tap here to view RELEASE of CLAIMS
  16. Adult Swim time will not be scheduled
  17. Swimming lessons are not permitted
  18. 4 lap lanes are available. Only one person per lap lane and a Lap Lane reservation system is in effect.
  19. Duplicate reservations will be cancelled unless one is for a Lap Lane swimmer. If other family members are accompanying the lap lane swimmer, please indicate another name so it doesn’t look like a duplicate or else it might be cancelled
  20. We encourage Residents to cancel in advance so we can reset the counting system for that particular time period. Click/tap here to CANCEL or modify an existing reservation
    If a Resident does not show up for their reserved time, then that time slot becomes unavailable for others. No-Shows will be documented and handled accordingly by the Pool Committee
  21. The Stonebridge pool amenity is a benefit for residents living in the Stonebridge community as governed by the Home Owners Association, not a right
  22. Abuse of the reservation system will result in a forfeit of your pool admission privileges

We ask you to utilize the most current social distancing measures as a community and thank you for your understanding.


Log into your Secure account first, then your Pool account to check your FOBs >>>> 2020 POOL SEASON Sign-Up

Click/tap HERE to view the Pool Rules

Photo by Richard Bell-Irving