The Front Lake

Stonebridge Homeowners Association


March 2022

  1. The use of the private tennis courts is restricted to Stonebridge Residents and their guests
  2. The court gate must be opened with at least one Stonebridge Resident’s FOB and a maximum of four (4) players may be on one court at a time
  3. Players may reserve court time up to a maximum of 24 hrs in advance of play by signing up on the sign-up sheets at the court entrance
  4. Playing time on all courts is limited to 1½ hours for singles; 2 hours for doubles
  5. Players more than 10 minutes late from their sign-up time will forfeit their court reservation to other waiting Stonebridge Resident players
  6. Tennis shoes and proper tennis attire are required at all times
  7. Only Players are allowed within the fenced court area. No children are allowed unless they are playing tennis.  No pets are permitted inside the fence
  8. No bicycles, roller blades, skates, skate boards, bikes, scooters, tri-cycles etc. are permitted on the courts at any time. No roller hockey is permitted.  Only Tennis and Pickle Ball
  9. Players are responsible for keeping courts and the environment clean and free from trash. No glass bottles or other glassware is permitted within the fenced area
  10. Acceptable tennis etiquette will prevail at all times
  11. No foul language or radios
  12. In utilizing the courts you acknowledge and accept you and any guests are under video surveillance, and all persons use the courts at their own risk
  13. Anyone leaving trash on the courts or not abiding by these rules may have their tennis court playing privileges revoked (FOB access cancelled)